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Needle Cages and Roller Cages

Needle cages are inexpensive and very easy to install. They can be fitted by hand without the use of tools. They may be manufactured in two parts and can then be mounted on an inner raceway between two shoulders. This arrangement allows the rigidity of the shaft to be increased.

The double cage, that is one having two rows of needles, comprises of two bearings side by side in one continuous unit. It allows parts such as idler pinions to be fitted easily and ensures their stability. The double cage can also be manufactured in two separate parts

NIBL manufacture’s cages in steel, polyamide, brass materials. Needle rollers used in these assemblies are made of high carbon chrome steel, hardened, ground and lapped to close tolerances for diameter and roundness.

The needle cages have both inward and outward retention for the needle rollers. The designs provide maximum cage strength consistent with the inherent high load ratings of needle roller bearings. Accurate guidance of the needle rollers by the cage bars allows for operation at high speeds. Needle roller and cage assemblies have either one or two rows of needle rollers

NIBL cages, manufactured in steel, offers the advantages of great rigidity, mechanical stability and low weight.


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