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Magneto Bearings

Magento bearings are a type of deep groove ball bearing which have only one shoulder on outer on one side. This makes them easy to fit than a traditional deep groove ball bearing. They also have a slightly shallower inner groove. Pressed brass cages are generally used in these bearings and the outer ring can also be removed which is often an advantage for mounting purpose.

These bearings are ideally suited to applications with a low load and a high speed. They are often used in a pair, with the open sides of the races facing each other.


Range :

E15 & L17

E15 ID :- 15 mm

E15 OD :- 35 mm

L17 ID :- 17 mm

L17 OD :- 40 mm

Cage Variants :-

1. Brass Cage


  1. Magnetos
  2. Gyroscopes
  3. Generators
  4. Motors
  5. Vintage Vehicle Engines
  6. Textile Spinning Mills
  7. Instruments


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