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Combined Bearings

Combined needle bearings type RAX and derivatives are designed to support simultaneously both a radial and an axial load. They comprise a needle thrust bearing (or roller thrust bearing) and needle cage retained in a common outer ring.

These bearings form one integral unit permitting easy storage, handling and fitting. Their high radial and axial load capacities and small space requirement enable cost effective solutions to be achieved. Calculations for combined bearings are carried out taking the axial component and the radial component separately without transforming the axial load into an equivalent radial load.

Standard combined bearings type RAX 400 and RAX 500

These bearings comprise a thrust plate and an outer ring machined separately and joined by a strong metal insert. This arrangement prevents localized stresses and weakness in the area between the two components, thus eliminating the risk of damage during mounting or operation.

Standard combined bearings type RAXPZ 400 and RAXZ 500

These bearings have an incorporated thrust plate retained by a steel ring set on the thrust plate. They are better protected against the introduction of dust and metal particles and are therefore recommended for spindles of drilling machines


Series :

RAX 400 & RAXPZ 500

Min ID :- 20 mm

Max ID :- 50 mm

Min OD :- 30 mm

Max OD :- 65 mm

Cage Variants :-

  1. Welded Steel Cage
  2. Machined Steel Cage


  1. Spindles Of Drilling Machines
  2. Textile Equipment’s and Industrial machinery
  3. Revolving Tailstock
  4. Textile Mending Machine
  5. Gearbox


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