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Needle Bushes


NIBL’s Shell type Needle Bushes are light weight bearings with large load ratings relative to their size. Bearing consist of a shell type outer ring drawn accurately from the special type of steel strips with further heat treatment process on it.

NIBL’s needle bushes are available in two types, cage guided and full complement variant. The appropriate type can be selected according to the operating conditions.

The caged type has a structure in which the needle rollers are accurately guided by the cage and thrust rings. They are suitable for the application where there is vertical shaft arrangement and light or medium load is applied, as they cannot sustain to the misalignments in the application. They are useful for high-speed rotation applications.

The full complement needle bushes comprise of two variants, one with needles retained in the outer rings which incorporates the advantages of low price high load capacity and ease of handling and fitting and second with grease retained needles in the outer ring. They combine economy whilst also providing a high load capacity. This is obtained by the use of the flat ended needles having a greater effective length. They are suitable for heavy-load applications at low-speed rotation.

Since these bearings are press-fitted into the housing, no fixtures for axial positioning are needed. They are ideal for use in mass-produced articles that require economy, and have a wide variety of applications.


Series :

DB (HK),





Min ID :- 08 mm

Max ID :- 55 mm

Min OD :- 14 mm

Max OD :- 63 mm

Cage Variants :-

  1. Welded Steel Cage
  2. Full Complement Set of Needles 


  1. Industrial Machinery
  2. Sliding Doors and Panels
  3. Universal Joints
  4. Hand Drill
  5. Planishing Machine
  6. Weaving Loom Cam Assembly  

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