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Cam Followers (Yoke and Stud Type)

Cam Followers are designed to run directly on surfaces such as cams, ramps, and slide ways. They are used as track rollers, cam followers, and in a wide range of linear motion systems. In order to meet the operating conditions of heavy radial loads usually accompanied by repeated shocks. NIBL cam followers have a heavy section outer ring of high strength steel hardened to 58 – 62 HR. There is a lubrication groove on the outer ring, which prevents the introduction of impurities into the bearing scaling and galling of the bearing track. The convex (crowned) outer ring tolerating out-of-parallelism of contact surfaces. Crowned outer rings are used where the axis of the cam follower is not parallel to the surface of the track or is skewed relative to the direction of travel. Outer ring with crowned outside surface supports high radial loads and reduces edge stresses which occur due to misalignment. Crowned outer rings are best suited in applications with curved or circular tracks. NIBL offers cam followers with a crowned outer ring as a standard feature. Cam followers with cylindrical outer ring are also available, suffix X. To use cam followers with crowned outer ring as bearings, please consult NIBL. Cam followers with full complement of needles offer the maximum dynamic and static load carrying capability, and anti-friction performance, in a compact design. Cage-guided cam followers provide large space for grease, helpful in applications where re-lubrication is infrequent. This permits operations at high speed. Sealed type cam followers require low maintenance. Their operating temperature is limited due to the grease and seal material which is between -30° C and +100° C. NIBL stud type cam followers consist of a solid stud of high tensile strength with an integral rib on one side, thick-walled outer ring, rolling elements set and a thrust washer pressed on to the other side of the stud. The assembly of these components forms an integrated unit. The area which serves as the race way for the rolling elements and the abutment surfaces are hardened.


Stud Type

Series : KR, KRV, CHF

Min ID :- NA
Max ID :- NA
Min OD :- 16 mm
Max OD :- 90 mm
Cage Variants :-
1. Welded Steel Cage
2. Machined Steel Cage

Yoke Type 


Min ID :- 8 mm
Max ID :- 50 mm
Min OD :- 24 mm
Max OD :- 100 mm
Cage Variants :-
1. Welded Steel Cage
2. Machined Steel Cage



  1.  Factory Automation
  2. Metals
  3.  Industrial Transmission

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