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Bearing Lubrication

Bearing Lubrication

  • Lubrication of Rolling Bearings

 One of the most important requirements for effective function of bearing arrangements is proper lubrication.

The lubricant forms the layer between metallic bearing surfaces and thus reduces friction among the surfaces, also it acts as a barrier against entry and reach of contaminations or impurities to bearing raceways protects the steel parts. For each of these reasons the lubrication fulfils a key function in each bearing application. A malfunction of the lubrication usually causes an immediate failure of bearing.

  • Basic Function of Lubrication:
  1. Reduce the friction between contact surface of bearing components
  2. Reduce wear of bearing components
  3. Carry away heat generated in the bearing due to friction and other causes
  4. Prolong bearing life by covering rolling contact surfaces with proper oil film
  5. Prevent corrosion and contamination
  • Methods of Lubrication

Normally three different lubrication methods are used:

  1. Grease lubrication
  2. Oil lubrication
  3. Solid and dry lubrication

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