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Friction in Bearings

Friction in Bearings

Rolling bearings are called anti-friction bearing. They have high loading capacity and exhibit very low rolling friction torques.   The friction torques are similar or lower than ideally designed plain bearing operating under conditions of thick film lubrication.  Rolling bearing has low starting torques.

  • Friction component and influence factor


The idling friction is depends on the quantity of lubricant, operating speed, viscosity of lubricant during operation, seal and operating conditions in which bearing is running.

The bearing friction torque Mr = F. f. (d/2) or

The bearing friction torque Mr = F. fm. (Dm/2)

  • Mr = Friction torque (N mm)
  • F = Radial (or axial load) (N)
  • f = coefficient of friction of rolling bearing.
  • fm = coefficient of friction of rolling bearing based on mean diameter
  • d = Diameter of the bore of the bearing (Shaft diameter)(mm)
  • D = Outside diameter of the bearing (mm)
  • Dm = (d+D)/2 (mm)

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