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Rolling-Element Bearing Design and Applications

Rolling-element bearings are also called antifriction bearings, as they have lower friction and reduced lubrication requirements compared to plain bearings. Their role is to support and to guide rotating and oscillating machine elements, such as shafts, wheels or axels, and to transfer loads between the different components of an assembly.

They come in standard sizes, are easy to replace and cost-effective. By minimizing friction and enabling high rotational speeds, these bearings reduce the heat and energy consumption, leading to more efficient processes.

Antifriction bearings usually consist of two raceways – an inner ring and an outer ring, rolling elements which can be balls or rollers, and a cage that separates the rolling elements at specific intervals and keeps them in place inside the raceways, while enabling them to rotate freely.

To know more download white paper : White Paper – Rolling-Element Bearing Design and Applications


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