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Handling of Bearings

Handling of Bearings

Precautions for Proper Handling of Bearings
Bearings must be handled carefully as they are high precision machine parts and the small damage may affect the performance of the machine where bearings are installed.

Some important precautions to be taken in bearing handling are as follows:

1. Clean Bearings and Surrounding Area of bearings

Bearings and the area surrounding the bearings should be kept clean as the small amount of the dust and dirt can be harmful to the performance of the high precision bearing.

2. Careful Handling

Bearing should be handled with care as they are high precision machined parts. Small damage may cause bearing scratched, brinelling, and permanent deformation of raceways, breaking or cracking that may lead bearing failure and may not run to its full capacity. Proper training should be given for the handling of the bearing.

3. Use Proper Tools

Proper bearing handling equipments should be used for handling the bearings.

4. Prevent Corrosion

The bearings should be prevented from corrosion. Dust on the hands, moisture and contaminants while handling the bearing may cause corrosion on the bearing surfaces. Wear gloves while handling the bearing. Bearing should not be stored in the atmosphere where there are the chances of the presence of the corrosive gases. Proper standard should be prepared and followed for the prevention of the corrosion on bearing while handling.

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