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Fluid Machinery

Industrial Pumps

Water & waste water pumps

Manufacturers continuously look for ways to reduce costs while maintaining the efficiency of their equipments. Water treatment and supply depend on reliable pumping applications. Get the most out of your pumps by using NRB Industrial Bearings.

Oil & Gas Pumps

The oil and gas industry have the most critical processes and even the smallest of malfunctions prove to have costly impacts on profits. By using NRB Industrial Bearings, manufacturers can reduce downtime and increase the reliability of their equipment.

Mineral Fluid Pumps

In cement plants, mines and power plants, pumps perform critical processes in tough conditions. Maintaining uptime in these remote areas is an on-going challenge for manufacturers. By using NRB Industrial Bearings, manufacturers can increase the reliability of their equipment while keeping costs low.

Industrial Fans

Bearings in industrial fans operate at high speeds and relatively light radial loads. They may also operate in extreme temperatures in remote locations. Airflow is used to transport material. Over time, materials build up on the impeller and eventually lead to reduced fan uptime.

Applications : FD Fans, ID Fans, Blowers, HVAC, Axial Flow Fans

Industrial compressors

Compressors run in harsh operating conditions mostly high levels of contamination and extreme temperatures. Rising global demand and competition are driving manufacturers and end-users to reduce costs while maintaining production levels. NRB Industrial Bearings can help with its range of product solutions specifically for compressors.


Air Separation Plants


  • Water & waste water pumps
  • Oil & Gas Pumps
  • Mineral Fluid Pumps
  • Industrial Fans
  • Air Separation Plants

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