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Bearing Grease Application Methods

Relubricating the bearing grease is of great importance to ensure the longevity of your ball- and roller bearings. Bearing grease provides a smooth process with as little friction as possible. Bearing grease is also necessary to avoid direct contact between the rolling elements and their treads.



  1. Regular grease lubrication
  2. Tools and resources for your application
  3. Application methods for bearing grease
  4. What method works best for you?
  5. Manual vs. automatic lubrication
  6. Common mistakes and guidelines


  1. Regular grease lubrication

Most applications require that you relubricate or replenish your bearing grease. Though the bearing grease stays put and barely leaks, old grease can dry out eventually and therefore be less effective. This is ecause the base oil spreads out over the moving parts of the bearing and the thickener vaporises through the heat.

How you replenish or renew your bearing grease depends on the application it is used for. Occasionally a machine has a built-in ‘replenishing mechanism’ which makes lubrication quick and easy.


  1. Tools and resources for your application

If you wish to manually apply your bearing grease, there are certain tools available. These tools ensure that you work cleanly and can distribute the bearing grease precisely and evenly.

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White Paper – Bearing Grease Application Methods


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