Wide Inner Ring Ball Bearings & Housed Units


NIBL wide inner ring bearings provide easy slip fit shaft mountings and additional shaft support. These bearings feature seals with flared lips which firmly contact the ground outer diameter of the inner ring to provide a positive seal against dust, dirt and other contaminants while effectively retaining the lubricant. NIBL wide inner ring bearings have a large grease capacity. These bearings are factory pre-lubricated.
Variations : Locking devices: eccentric locking collar, set-screw locking collar; inner ring extended both sides, inner ring extended one side only; Bearings with cylindrical outer diameter.



NIBL offers wide inner ring bearings for shaft diameter between 19.05 mm to 60mm. We offer customized bearings for unique application requirements


  • Agriculture
  • Material Handling
  • Fluid Machinery
  • Industrial Transmission


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