Bottom Roller Bearings


NIBL manufactures a wide range of Bottom Roller Bearings. These are specifically designed Needle Roller Bearings for long life and low maintenance for Ring Frames. The outer ring of the bearing is crowned to accommodate misalignment in the roller stands. Crowning also helps in preventing early failure of the bearing by distributing the load uniformly. The inner ring has knurling on its flanges, which provides an effective seal to prevent entry of fibres in the bearing and protect it from damage. NIBL Bottom Roller Bearings incorporate a steel cage split in two halves or plastic cage. The design of cage pockets ensures that the needles do not fall and also give them positive and accurate guidance. Lubrication to the bearing is effected through the grease nipple. The bearing is secured on the roller stand very easily by a holder (locating cap). The holder (locating cap) can be customized according to unique application designs.


NIBL Standard Bottom Roller Bearings are available with an inner diameter from 14.2mm-24mm; outer diameter from 28 mm to 32mm.


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